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How to make a Table Runner into a Blind

quilting and sewing project - table runner blind

This blind started out as a table runner. I gave it to my sister Kim when I was visiting her and I thought I was done with it. She loved it and wanted it to be part a window cover. It gets very hot inside the room during the summer so something to block the […]

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Kadyn’s Hunting Quilt

This beautiful hunting quilt was made for my Physical Therapist Amy and her husband Mike who is one of my trainers at my gym. They were expecting their first child Kadyn. My dilemma was how to incorporate what they do together into one piece for a baby. Mike is an avid hunter and goes out […]

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Sashed Log Cabin Runaway Block #1

I had these blocks leftover from another project and wanted to find something to do with them. I went to Pinterest and found the Runaway Block quilt. I made this one in a sashed block style and will be making another one with some more Log Cabin blocks without the sash in between each one. […]

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Thread Painting – What’ch ya doing?

  This piece was my first one in a class with Jennifer Day in New Mexico. The photograph started as a black and white picture that I wanted to be a more sepia tone in mild colors. It is of my granddaughter Brianna was 2 ½ or 3 years old when this was taken with […]

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Josh & Lee’s piece

Picture of the front of the quilt. Lee my daughter-in-law really likes the sun and moon in her life so I picked that as the theme for my son Joshua and Lee’s queen size quilt. This piece was done in the rag quilt style. What this means is you have the all of seams on […]

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Angel Banner

This banner is approx. 5’ X 9’ with a hand painted purple background. I took a picture of my nephew Tad who has very curly hair to get the idea of where everything went and I used his face for the angel. The wings was made separately and machine sewn to make the highlights and […]

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This original design was started as a challenge. The challenge was to use blue out of your stash. Well, I used some of my blues to do all of the small machine sewn triangles then bought some metallic organdie, flocked organdy and other sheer fabrics just for the hair and face of this piece. I […]

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Jesus Holding a lamb

Shepherd: As the dictionary says: #2- One who cares for and guides a group of people, as a minister or teacher. As a symbol it is use as a beloved theme in Christian literary and pictorial imagery. The usage of spiritual leaders as shepherds or pastors has its roots in the Old Testament. They learn […]

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Lenten Banner

In this 5 X 9 foot banner is machine sewn, appliqued and quilted. I used Caryl Bryer Fallert’s method of making foundation or the desert part of this piece. When I use her method the piece come out flat. I love to have them to be flat than when I add other parts to it […]

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Mariners vision was made for my dad, Richard Hawthorne, who was a Libra. There are four different constellations representing my mom, Priscilla, the Aquarius. My brother, Dana and my sister Vicky are Sagittarius, plus my youngest sister Kim the Aries. I am the Gemini, Pam. As you look at this quilt you should look for […]

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Hand Ordinary Time

Green background is pieced together with the light squares are in the center to bring out the boy praying. I hand drew the physical features of the face and shadows of the clothing. The hair is rough cut fabric and then sewn down. The hand is machine quilted and machine raw edged appliqued. The ivy […]

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Easter Butterflies

The Monarch butterfly is done in reverse applique. You do that by putting the color you want to show under your top color. You first sew around each area you want to cut out. You very carefully take a nip in the top fabric to cut just the top layer off. After I cut out […]

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Palm Sunday

The background is hand painted and the lettering is die cut letters. The palm frond is quilted down with the hope there is some fraying to make it look more like a real palm leaf. It is 4’ X 5’ Symbology The sunset symbolizes the end of Jesus’ life. Palm: The palm began as a […]

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