Horses for Bri! Art Quilt
  I used a large panel of mama horse and baby horse or colt that I bought from Candy’s Quiltworks[...]
Row by Row Las Vegas 2018: Sew Yeah
This summer I went to three different states and decided that I would go to one or two stores in[...]
Texas Row by Row Music 2018
I went to Bandera, Texas for a family reunion. I had a fantastic time seeing family with my daughter Kim[...]
2017 Sewing Arts Year in Review!
I started my year with a lot of cleaning clearing out my sewing room. The process was encouraging and eliminating[...]
Commission Picture Quilt
This wonderful commission was all about family and their uncle who is 92. He is a big Dodger fan and[...]
Ellen’s Row by Row Quilt
All of the rows came from the first year that I found out about Row by Row’s in 2015 except[...]
Twisted Frogs baby Quilt for baby Riley
  I called this quilt twisted frog because all of the fabrics have frogs in it and the pinwheels look[...]
Strip Roll or Jelly Roll Quilt for Paul:
I started the quilt with a Patriotic Jelly Roll fabric for the foundation of the quilt. Paul was a wonderful[...]
Camping Row by Row for Josh & Lee
Josh and Lee inspired this fun camping row by row experience. They go camping with an infant and two little[...]
Laser Cut Fabric
Laser cutting is a very precise and accurate cutting method that uses computer controlled light instead of a blade to[...]
Herd of Turtles 2 Fabric Applique Quilt
This Herd of Turtle pattern  is a fun reverse applique quilt that is fast and easy. Please take your time[...]
Sewing Room Organization Part 4
My sewing room is ready for me to work in! I kept finding more stuff in places that I didn’t[...]
Sewing Room Organization Part 3
I am still removing fabric from my many places around my house. I even found one box under my bed[...]
Sewing Room Organization Part 2
This is part to of the Sewing Room Organization Series. Here it has been 2 weeks of going through my[...]
Sewing Room Organization – Part 1
What to do when your sewing room organization is not working for you? I wasn’t sure of what to write[...]
How to make a Table Runner into a Blind
This blind started out as a table runner. I gave it to my sister Kim when I was visiting her[...]
A Row by Row Experience Quilt for Kim & Brendan
This Row by Row Experience quilt has Kim and Brendan all through it. Kim used to ride horses all of[...]
Kadyn’s Hunting Quilt
This beautiful hunting quilt was made for my Physical Therapist Amy and her husband Mike who is one of my[...]
How to Find the Right Sewing Machine Repair Shop
I have been sewing for many years and I can do minor repairs on my sewing machines but if my[...]
Bird Quilt
This little bird quilt started out as a panel with a pane for each of the bird species making them[...]
Sashed Log Cabin Runaway Block #1
I had these blocks leftover from another project and wanted to find something to do with them. I went to[...]
Thread Painting – What’ch ya doing?
  This piece was my first one in a class with Jennifer Day in New Mexico. The photograph started as[...]
Maryland Row By Row Quilt
I called this quilt Maryland Quilt because some of these Row by Row pieces came from Maryland and my son[...]
4 Quick and Easy Gifts
Here are four fun and quick sewing gifts to give. Placemats These beautiful sunflower placemats I made for Charlotte who[...]
Falling Leaves Quilt
I purchased this beautiful quilt as a kit called Autumn Splendor, by Lennie Honcoop, from Keepsake Quilting. I don’t usually[...]
Kaden’s Baby Quilt
With the family doing the cross stitch squares I made this simple quilt for Josh and Lee’s first child Kaden.[...]
Family quilt for J & L
My family likes to do cross stitch for marriages and births. These fun x-stitch squares are put into a woven[...]
Josh & Lee’s piece
Picture of the front of the quilt. Lee my daughter-in-law really likes the sun and moon in her life so[...]
Angel Banner
This banner is approx. 5’ X 9’ with a hand painted purple background. I took a picture of my nephew[...]
This original design was started as a challenge. The challenge was to use blue out of your stash. Well, I[...]
Jesus Holding a lamb
Shepherd: As the dictionary says: #2- One who cares for and guides a group of people, as a minister or[...]
Lenten Banner
In this 5 X 9 foot banner is machine sewn, appliqued and quilted. I used Caryl Bryer Fallert’s method of[...]
Mariners vision was made for my dad, Richard Hawthorne, who was a Libra. There are four different constellations representing my[...]
Hand Ordinary Time
Green background is pieced together with the light squares are in the center to bring out the boy praying. I[...]
Servitude: Jesus washing feet
Foot: Feet symbolize God’s presence and also virtues of believers, including humility, willing servitude and submission. The washing and anointing[...]
Easter Butterflies
The Monarch butterfly is done in reverse applique. You do that by putting the color you want to show under[...]
Palm Sunday
The background is hand painted and the lettering is die cut letters. The palm frond is quilted down with the[...]
Easter Banner
I used Caryl Bryer Fallert’s method of making the main part of this piece. Her method makes a flat piece[...]
Stitching Post: Organizing the Studio
Today was the start of my studio face lift. I have gotten it to such a point that there is[...]
Stitching Post: Hand sewing Yoyos
November 3, 2015: Today was a day for hand sewing yoyos to get all of the right ones so I[...]
Stitching Post: Pin Baste your quilts
November 2, 2015: Today I pin basted 5 small pieces. Using my curved safety pins and tool called "Kwik Klip".[...]