Mariners vision was made for my dad, Richard Hawthorne, who was a Libra. There are four different constellations representing my mom, Priscilla, the Aquarius. My brother, Dana and my sister Vicky are Sagittarius, plus my youngest sister Kim the Aries. I am the Gemini, Pam. As you look at this quilt you should look for the ghost ship in the center of the quilt with the “I love you” flagmen going around the captain’s wheel. Hint: look on the back and turn the lights out!

The center up to the dancing sailors is done in the paper piecing method. The turquoise and navy strata is machine pieced together and cut into the piece needed. The wood wheel is machine appliqued. The rope is fabric that I cut carefully and machine appliqued down. There is glow in the dark thread used to machine quilted a three-masted schooner in the middle. On the back is a scale using the Sulky Solvy soluble stabilizer for the bar and print on fabric labels for the scale bowls. This quilt is 110” X 110”.

Pamela Jenner,

Santa Clarita, California, lovingly created this quilt. This quilt was finished May 30, 2002at 11:55am. This quilt has taken around ten years of love and devotion to finish. Dad, I hope you have as much fun under this quilt under this quilt as I did making it!

Love, Pam



Back Side

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