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Camping Row by Row for Josh & Lee

Josh and Lee inspired this fun camping row by row experience. They go camping with an infant and two little children. I told them they can use this and have fun with this camping or anywhere they would like too. They have a big custom rag quilt I made them as a wedding gift about […]

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A Row by Row Experience Quilt for Kim & Brendan

row by row experience pattern

This Row by Row Experience quilt has Kim and Brendan all through it. Kim used to ride horses all of the time and is a huge animal lover, hence the top row is from North Carolina in Greensboro  I didn’t visit this store but waited until after the November 1st date and called to have […]

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Row by Row Experience: Alaska Trip 2

Continuing our journey through Alaska, we next went to Juneau.  Juneau is the capital of Alaska.  It was the second port we visited. (P2-1)  I wanted to go straight to the quilt shop to get the shopping portion of the visit off the list and leave plenty of time to see part of this city. […]

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Row by Row Experience: Alaska Trip Part 1

Alaska trip 2016: For months my husband and I had been anticipating our Alaskan Princess Cruise which was scheduled for August 13-27, 2016. Besides the regular activities of passports and other trip needs I (as an art quilter and textile artist, prepared to visit fabric stores in the places I planned to visit). I found […]

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