Horses for Bri! Art Quilt


I used a large panel of mama horse and baby horse or colt that I bought from Candy’s Quiltworks in Northridge California. It is the closest store to me and the quality is vast compared to our big fabric store that is closer to me. I use both stores depending on what I need but try and make it to my favorite local quilt fabric stores whenever possible.

Brianna wanted to make a horse quilt with me but she lives on the east coast and I live on the west coast. I sent her some horse fabrics for any time she wants to sew there and she will receive this wonderful quilt for Christmas this year.

I started out with the rows of horse fabric that reminds me of the Chincoteague Ponies that are common to her area of the country. These wild ponies run free until they the end of July every year when they round up the herd and auction off a curtain amount every year so they don’t over populate Assateague Island.

Another thing that is unique about Brianna is that the day she was born so was a colt that was on the farm that her mom and dad lived on. They named him Peanut.  I love this picture of him.

One of the things I do is critique my fabrics that I think is the ones I want to work with and this is one that didn’t work.

Compared to this one but I didn’t like the black background.

I decided to fussy cut the horses I needed to onto a background that I made with grass fabric and a blue sky fabric with the ones I cut out which came out like this.

Next was to tie in the horse panel to go with everything else. I used the white gold star fabric for a corral feeling and the red fabric that brings out the horses in the panel.

One thing about panels that I want to make you all aware of is the squaring up of the panel.

See here that the edge is not the picture part but the outside the print part? I had to square it up and this is how I did it so it would lay flat when I was finished. This extra ended up in the seam so it is not seen after you sew it.

Finishing up the corral part of this I go to the bottom part which was more rows of horses and grass.

Next is the quilting! Using an easy stippling pattern it was done pretty quickly too. I was reminded by friends to keep it simple. This is going on a bed not and art show piece. When Brianna gets older I will have to make her an art piece or maybe give her the thread painting of her and Star when she was about 3 years old.

I put a big label on the back of it that was a Row by Row from Cottonwood, Arizona when I was visiting in 2017.

I enjoyed Quilters Quarter and will visit again any time I go over that area. Here is the website to see what they have for this year’s Row by Row.  or if you are in the area.

There are many pieces I have made with Row by Row Experience from years past. Here is the signature.

Binding is the red fabric that gave the feeling of a bandanna and finished it off beautifully. I am doing a different method now of binding. I make my fabric into binding like the packages that you buy in the store and go around only once instead of twice. It comes out clean and neat which is what I want for my finished quilt binding to be.

Until next time simply keep sewing arts!

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