Josh & Lee’s piece

Picture of the front of the quilt. Lee my daughter-in-law really likes the sun and moon in her life so I picked that as the theme for my son Joshua and Lee’s queen size quilt. This piece was done in the rag quilt style. What this means is you have the all of seams on the front side and clipped so when you wash it the seams/fringe frays.

I started by drawing a picture of what I wanted it to look like.

J & L Drawing

I then designed the moon and sun pattern in a grid modifying the squares to make the curves of the moon, sun and sun rays.


Using the green colors for the moon and the blue colors for the sun and the cheeks and some rays are yellow. I made strips of fabric and stitched the eyelashes longer so they would then emphasize the eyes more. Each part of the square has batting in them and I did my best to make the quilting match as I went along so I didn’t have to quilt it all at the end of putting it together or you would call it quilt as you go. I really like the challenge I put onto myself with this old technique in a new way. When you are clipping so many layers of fabric is a good idea to have fabric rag quilt snips to save your hands and wrist.

clipper scissors

These are put out by Fiskers notice how they have very short blades and are spring loaded in the handle. When you have to do so much clipping or snipping this tool is a must.

Another fun part of this piece is the back to see the pattern and quilting. I made each part have its own color. The background is a blue plaid and the sun and moon had their own colors too. These same back prints that are all flannel show in the front if you look at all of the fringe carefully. I loved the puzzle challenge part of making this but most of all I loved making this for my wonderful son and his wife.

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