Easter Butterflies

The Monarch butterfly is done in reverse applique. You do that by putting the color you want to show under your top color. You first sew around each area you want to cut out. You very carefully take a nip in the top fabric to cut just the top layer off. After I cut out each area I went back and satin stitched around them through all layers to stabilize it. The yellow butterfly is two layers of fabric with a heat bonding material between them and sewn with a green thread to bring out the vanes of the butterfly. The background is hand painted. It is approx. 4’ X 5’.


Most of the symbols of the Resurrection derived from nature are linked to spring, a season of new life. For example, the butterfly, a symbol drawn from early mythology, represents resurrection in Christian art. Its life cycle from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly symbolizes the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. The Greek language uses one and the same word for the soul and the butterfly: psyche.

Cleopatra Butterfly: In the western French provinces, the elegantly shaped, bright yellow “Cleopatra” butterfly figures prominently in the symbolism of the resurrected Christ. In some regions it is called the “Easter Jesus” because it appears at Eastertide and is the first butterfly to emerge from its cocoon, as if from the tomb.

Monarch Butterfly: I picked this butterfly because of the symbolism in the name.

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