Row by Row Las Vegas 2018: Sew Yeah

This summer I went to three different states and decided that I would go to one or two stores in the area if they had them. I went to Las Vegas to visit my cousin Terry who hosted the family sewing week there.  Last year I visited Sew Yeah and really enjoyed it so we went again.

The theme this year is music and this store decided to make a pieced piano.

The pattern is glossy with good directions. I elected not to buy the kit for this one because I would have to cut this out either way. I had great white and black with me so I just needed a small amount of gold which my cousin had.

This store has a great big classroom

and if you want the services of quilting they have it. They are a sewing machine repair store for Brother’s and many others. The staff has always been friendly and I really enjoy shopping here. My aunt bought fabric for a rainbow unicorn. I had a great time helping her look for just the right colors that she needed. They have so many wonderful ways to look at color and then there are the batiks! I always wish there were more in any store but they have a beautiful selection.

There is a table for those colors that you only need a small amount of like this Fat Quarter table.

There is also a room with all different items you need such as Minky, stabilizers and batting in this room. You can tell that I had fun at this store.

I had fun making this row that in one of the new sizes a square 18X18 inch. I made it in the Nevada state/piano style because not everyone see this right away. You will see it in my 2018 Row by Row quilt coming soon.

Until next time keep simple sewing arts!s

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