Texas Row by Row Music 2018

I went to Bandera, Texas for a family reunion. I had a fantastic time seeing family with my daughter Kim plus my son Robert and his family. We had some free time one day and decided to visit Bandera. Bandera is a fun little town.

This town has a quilting store, Gone Quiltin’, a stitchery store and a yarn shop.

My large city doesn’t have any of these types of stores anymore. I loved Gone Quiltin’ storefront. I enjoyed the great western front and the sign.

When you walk into the store there is this whole room with longarm quilting machines that you can rent after you take a class. When I first saw this I was envious of the local people that get to have this store close by to use when they need it. I would rent the time on one of these to finish some of my bigger projects. There is a large cutting table in the back of the room where you can cut some of the backing and other materials you need for putting a quilt into the frame.

On the right is the class room. Look how large it is and there is class quilts and kits quilts on the walls. Please notice the bolts of fabrics for purchase.  There is eight six foot tables. I loved this space too. I am from California where the space goes for a high price so I understand about not having this large of a room.

This rack is on one side of the store. They have a large supply of tools of all kinds for different type if needs.

I liked this Row by Row enough to buy it. I will make it into a piece using The Texas kit along with the Howdy banner. I will put them all together to make one Texas piece. Pic G My family has auctions for seed money to start a fund for the next gathering. I made magnesium lotion for this year. The family meets every three years and I want to get this together so it can bring excitement for the family that were there and many of them are from Texas.

I am all about having everyone going to the local stores in their area. I left my contact information at Gone Quiltin’ to teach Thread Painting. I showed them my What you doin’? piece.

This is one of my favorite of mine. I would love to go back there and visit or teach. I know it is out of the way but this store was great

I am going to Las Vegas in July and I want to visit at least one of the quilt stores in that area. They have three stores in the whole area.

Until next time keep simply sewing arts!

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