2017 Sewing Arts Year in Review!

I started my year with a lot of cleaning clearing out my sewing room. The process was encouraging and eliminating as to how I work. I now have lists to help me remember what I stored away for the future.


I believe I started this because I had no control over what was going on with my mother and her eventual death 2017. It also helped me realize how much stuff I put away in so many different parts of my house that I forgot I even have them.

Once I got on my clearing in deciding where I was going to put things done I then chose which ones I would quilts and finish in those that needed to be quilted and where would I go to get it done. Several quilts were decided upon for somebody else to quilt. One of the fun ones was the twisted frog quilt that ended up being little Riley’s quilt. With such big smiles and just the joy that she had in looking at that quilt had to be hers.


I decided to finish up and quilt the turtle quilt in the historical Hawaiian style or two fabrics to make this piece. I decided to keep this one.



I then decided to finish the row by row quilts for Ellen and Josh and Lee. I had great fun revisiting these rows to see where they would go. Each of my row by row pieces have their own theme, Josh and Lee had a camping theme and Ellen’s has a beach theme. This year I plan on finishing up a couple more row by row quilts. I have the Alaska one and my brothers to finish.


I had fun little projects like the Owls Quilt for birthdays and other things like that. They were fun to do and then people hired me to make some more of them.




In the fall I went to visit my son and grandchildren in Maryland and visited Lilies of the Field in Easton, Maryland. I ended up buying a row from there made it and now I think I’ll finish it to hang on a wall in the bathroom. I learn that there is other kinds of water turtles, the Terrapin out there with claws because of his environment.

In October I went to Las Vegas with my whole family in had a fabulous week visiting and sewing with all of them.

Then there’s Christmas with the commission that was due two days before. While I was busily getting ready for my commission to be finished there were wildfires going on in Santa Barbara. Commission Link This event caused huge road issues in getting to where one of the antique quilts is still waiting for me to pick that up at The Creation Station, Buellton. In the very beginning of January I went to visit my son and take care of my grandchildren in Maryland. There was a flood that took out the freeway that I use to pick up the quilt otherwise it would take six hours one way. The 101 freeway is now open so now I will have to go and pick up that wonderful quilt.



This year I plan on finishing my Alaska row by row quilt and probably my brothers. Also a lot of the myriad of little projects that need to be done to. I also have some new projects that are mine that will be announced soon.

Until next time keep simply sewing arts!

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