Jesus Holding a lamb

Shepherd: As the dictionary says: #2- One who cares for and guides a group of people, as a minister or teacher. As a symbol it is use as a beloved theme in Christian literary and pictorial imagery. The usage of spiritual leaders as shepherds or pastors has its roots in the Old Testament. They learn the shepherd’s manner of ministry because their Lord was “the great shepherd of the sheep”.

Lamb: Thesaurus: #1 A pure uncorrupted person. In Christ is the Lab of God, who takes away the sin of the world. The lamb is the principal element in several representational variations with other elements.

Green: Thesaurus: adjective-#1 Being in a period of growth and development. GREEN is a liturgical color symbolizing growth, fertility, life, and hope. It is the color commonly used (for vestments, stoles, and altar and pulpit cloths) on the Sundays following Epiphany and leading up to Lent, and then again after Pentecost.


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