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Horses for Bri! Art Quilt

  I used a large panel of mama horse and baby horse or colt that I bought from Candy’s Quiltworks in Northridge California. It is the closest store to me and the quality is vast compared to our big fabric store that is closer to me. I use both stores depending on what I need […]

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Camping Row by Row for Josh & Lee

Josh and Lee inspired this fun camping row by row experience. They go camping with an infant and two little children. I told them they can use this and have fun with this camping or anywhere they would like too. They have a big custom rag quilt I made them as a wedding gift about […]

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Laser Cut Fabric

Laser cutting is a very precise and accurate cutting method that uses computer controlled light instead of a blade to make the cuts. A laser can be used to cut a simple piece of fabric to a large piece of steel. When I buy laser cut fabric it is for applique and backed with some […]

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A Row by Row Experience Quilt for Kim & Brendan

row by row experience pattern

This Row by Row Experience quilt has Kim and Brendan all through it. Kim used to ride horses all of the time and is a huge animal lover, hence the top row is from North Carolina in Greensboro  I didn’t visit this store but waited until after the November 1st date and called to have […]

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Kadyn’s Hunting Quilt

This beautiful hunting quilt was made for my Physical Therapist Amy and her husband Mike who is one of my trainers at my gym. They were expecting their first child Kadyn. My dilemma was how to incorporate what they do together into one piece for a baby. Mike is an avid hunter and goes out […]

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Sashed Log Cabin Runaway Block #1

I had these blocks leftover from another project and wanted to find something to do with them. I went to Pinterest and found the Runaway Block quilt. I made this one in a sashed block style and will be making another one with some more Log Cabin blocks without the sash in between each one. […]

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Falling Leaves Quilt

I purchased this beautiful quilt as a kit called Autumn Splendor, by Lennie Honcoop, from Keepsake Quilting. I don’t usually buy kits, but this one came with rhinestones, three Copic Ciao markers and fusible 1/8” ribbon. Who doesn’t like shiny stones? Besides, I had never used Copic Ciao permanent markers before and wanted to try […]

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Kaden’s Baby Quilt

With the family doing the cross stitch squares I made this simple quilt for Josh and Lee’s first child Kaden. Using the fun I love Mommy and Daddy print to the strips around the blocks help to identify that it is a baby quilt. With all of the cross stitch quilts you have to decide […]

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