Camping Row by Row for Josh & Lee

Josh and Lee inspired this fun camping row by row experience. They go camping with an infant and two little children. I told them they can use this and have fun with this camping or anywhere they would like too. They have a big custom rag quilt I made them as a wedding gift about five years after they were married.

They thought at the last minute to bring it along with them and they were very happy they did. It saved all of them from getting so cold they could sleep. I had already planned on giving this one to them when they told me about their experience which made me even more excited to get it finished.

As I said in another row by row blog 2015 was the year I found out about the Row By Row Experience and I went on many trips that year including one to Sacramento with my husband. He had to work and I went to many quilt store going up to and around Sacramento. I picked this Tractor with farm fields row from a little town in the middle of California when California was having a server drought. My grandson’s that received this quilt love tractors so this made it onto this quilt!

Another of the places I visited was this San Jose Prairie Queen Quilt Shoppe with the fun roller coaster in the background. The Nebraska camping Row came from my sister –in-law Ellen in 2016 when she went to visit her family that lives up there. Below that one is this fun 2016 Row that came from Patches in Chatsworth California.  One of the things I liked about this intricate row kit was it was all laser cut and it made the process of putting it together so much faster.

The beehive row is from Camarillo California 2016 The Fabric Shoppe’s fun bees have a black chenille for the fuzzy part of the bee.

I used another technique I like for the beehive, which is raw edge applique so I didn’t have to piece so many little pieces together and used a different background piece of fabric too.

At the top is the rubber ducky’s in the bathtub! The store is called Bolts in the Bathtub so they try and put whatever the theme is for the year is in the tub. This row here was brought down from Lancaster California by a friend of mine that lived up there in 2015 when the theme was water. My son and his family have rubber duckies in their bathroom for the kids so it had to go on this quilt.

More camping rows came from Simi Valley Quilty Pleasures and Montrose, Quilt N’ Things. Both are from the year 2016. I can picture myself as a child in the Montrose row in that trailer because my parents had a trailer something like that one. I know of people that own the teardrop trailer today which also adds the fun of making something like this.

The other thing that brings this whole quilt together is the background fabric. One of my go to local quilt shops is Candy’s Quiltworks in Northridge California. They carry so many fabrics with themes it is easy to find something to help finish off your quilt or fabric art piece.

or call them at (818) 349-7397 to see if they have a fabric that you might need. Better yet if you have a local quilt shop near you that carries many bolts of fabric like Candy’s visit them! I try my best to go to those closest to me first before I go to the big brand name stores. I want them to stay in business!

I have more Row by Row quilts to make now that I can work so well in my cleaned and organized sewing room. Keep on simply sewing arts!

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