Ellen’s Row by Row Quilt

All of the rows came from the first year that I found out about Row by Row’s in 2015 except the Ventura one with the miniature quilt on it and the sea horses that came from Simi Valley. I believe Ellen will love this quilt for her couch when it gets cooler out here in California. Ellen has been a lover of boats and beach for as long as I have known her so I put together this beach themed Row by Row quilt for her.
I had traveled a lot in 2015 for a family reunion and had a fabulous time with the family in Rhode Island finding about six stores up there where the state lines are so close together it doesn’t take too long to get there.

The one with the lighthouse Ellen was with me when I picked up this row in Massachusetts. I was intrigued by the buttons you add after I finished the quilt. To me the buttons upped the cute factor quite a few notches. http://stitchandcrafts.com/

I only had a couple of rows that were pieced together, one was the waves in the bottom row from the Quilt Loft in Upland.

Friends Around the Block is at the top of the quilt. This is a fun shop up in Colusa California. I went with my husband up to Sacramento to work and I went to find the Rows that I would like to get in 2015. Poor Bob had to wait for me to get back to his location. I don’t remember how many I picked up in that area but I know it was a lot of them.

The sail boats on the waves that look like they are in a race if from Piecing with Poppers  in Rhode Island. The lady that owns this store likes to put the thin frame of color around the piece like this one in red. I remember really liking this owner and her work.

The two in the middle kite surfing and the one with the hut and mini quilt are from a quilt store in Ventura California called Quilt Ventura. unfortunately it looks like that have closed the shop and I loved to go there. This saddens me. The bottom of the two is the other one that has a miniature pieced quilt.

Quilty Pleasures is the sea horse in Simi Valley and I had a great time doing the heat and bond applique work to make up this row.  I could not buy the kit for this one so I used my own fabrics.

The sail boats in the bottom left corner are from Cotton and Chocolate in Thousand Oaks California. I think I put this one going another direction from what was planned originally.

Using the sky, water and sand to make it look like the beach of course making it harder for me to put it together but I do like challenges such as these. On the back of the quilt I put swimmers because I like to swim and it went with the theme of this quilt.

Keep a look out for more Row by Row Quilts in the future like this one which is now ready for Christmas. Until next time keep simply sewing arts!


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