Sewing Room Organization – Part 1

What to do when your sewing room organization is not working for you?

I wasn’t sure of what to write about this time with my room being in such an upheaval. This does not make me feel like sewing but organizing and cleaning. That gave me the idea for writing about this process!

My mom passed away in March so this has been my purpose to help in any way possible while she was alive and then the aftermath of going through her house. Going through her house now meant I have more furniture and some of it is going in my sewing room.

sewing room organization before pic 1

sewing room organization - before 2

I am also going through my house and finding all of the places that I have hidden anything that pertains to my sewing. All of these items must go into my room so I don’t lose track of them again.

I also have to go through my grandchildren’s guest room to make way for a bigger bed. This is time to get rid of some things and organize the projects to get them finished in a timely manner.


guest room sewing organization

These have been in this closet for years and I have forgotten how much was there. This is with the items that were on the floor already moved to the sewing room.

I have started on the bookcases here to make room for the bed that my great great uncle on my dad’s side or someone like that made a tall poster bed. It is a wonderful bed but to big currently for space in the room. This has made a big stir of activity to move things quickly so I can then get the bed out of my garage. The next question was what to do with all the books?

sewing room organization bookcases before 1

sewing room organization bookcases 2 before


I was lucky, my friend Tina is a teacher and she told me that her school is having a used book sale next week! Now all I have to do is get them all gone through before the sale to have all of them gone. What a relief that is.

The new big item in my sewing room is this beautiful custom made set of walnut drawers.

sewing room organization new drawer case

My mom was a watercolor artist and she filled these with her artwork and drawings. This will be a very nice place to keep more of my sewing notions or any other quilting supplies. I had a friend drop by today and she said that my sewing room was not a mess to her. This gave me pause to think about what makes it a mess to me? Every surface has stuff on it which makes it very hard to work on my projects. If I just pile up all of my projects with no organization they will become lost like the ones in my guest room closet. I do not want that to happen again. For me it has become time for change. This came back full circle of cleaning and organizing.

sewing room organization front room web

I took the bags and boxes in the front area up to my sister who wanted to donate the items to organizations my mom loved. Mom was good at shuttle tatting.  Using the shuttle to making multiple knots and what is called picots. The Freeway Lace Makers was a favorite place of hers so we decided to donate them there.

sewing room organization tatting

That helped to make me feel better already. I also gave away mom’s Brazilian Embroidery thread to that friend who said my room wasn’t a mess to her. She was thrilled to receive these threads because she has been looking for a green that was in mom’s threads for some time without good results. I was happy to help her out and not add to my stash of items that are sometimes too much.

Come back next time and see how my organizing and cleaning are going! I will have projects to show you and to see what’s next on my sewing list. Until then keep on stitching.

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