Stuffed Fabric and Yoyo Owls


This Independence Day Bob and I went to a wedding in Arizona. This meant I would have a 6 to 7 hour drive both ways to work on these owls. Deciding to do hand projects while driving gave me a big block of time to work on projects. The stuffed fabric owls I had to put the eyes and eyebrows on each of them. I did not take a picture of them beforehand. I had to make sure I had everything I needed before we left for our trip. Taking out the pattern for the small pieces and decide which buttons and felt pieces I want on each one. I only finished one of them on the drive out to Arizona it got dark before we got there so I didn’t finish the other one.

The next day we rested up and had fun with our hosts the wedding couple. I did work on the other stuffed fabric owl to finish it. With that done I worked on one of the Yoyo Owls. This one had a stuffed head already for me to do the next step. All of them had the yoyos finished so that was not part of these three owls that I had to do. I had to get out the pattern and remember what was it I had to do to get them done.

With needle, thread and talk I finished up one of the yoyo owls except for the stick that it sat on. After the wedding we were visiting Jerome where my husband Bob point out some fun pencils that were just the right size. I bought 3 of them! Over the next couple of days I finished them.

When I finished them I sent pictures to my friends and family.  One of my friends saw them and now I have a commission to make some more. Her colors are different and they are for her mother’s birthday.


I encourage you to keep simply sewing arts with love and joy to see where it will bring you next!

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