A Row by Row Experience Quilt for Kim & Brendan

row by row experience quilt

This Row by Row Experience quilt has Kim and Brendan all through it. Kim used to ride horses all of the time and is a huge animal lover, hence the top row is from North Carolina in Greensboro  I didn’t visit this store but waited until after the November 1st date and called to have them send it to me. I love how I put two of the kits together making it one whole row across the top. I found all of the current year Rows on The Row by Row Experience Website to find the rows that are out all over the United States and Canada with some parts of Europe starting to come on board.

The other horse row is from Moore’s Sewing Center in Corona California where my cousin Terry lives.  Terry picked it up for me while her mom Nancy was there and Nancy got it to me. It is funny how family has helped me out now that they know I am looking for Rows.

row by row experience banner quilting

The rain boots row came from The Quilted Heart in central California 2015 the first year I went all over the country collecting Rows.  They are a fun shop to visit and I visited a lot of shops while I was up there that year and you will see more as time goes on.

The bottom row is a 2016 from Candy’s Quiltworks in Northridge California and this store is the closest to me so I try and give them my business whenever I can. I picked this row for them because of the dog and turtle being towed along we are all Americans bringing in the flag. (818) 349-7397 · 8549 Reseda Blvd Northridge, CA 91324. No website but very nice people and they help Turtle Camp by making turtles and quilts for children with cancer.   I have made the fun turtles and turned them in at this store.

Row by Row Experience Quilting

The pieced dogs and fire hydrant are from Smile Spinners another one of 2016 in Pennsylvania which is where my cousin Mary plus many other relatives live. These dogs helped to fill those spaces and give them more animals for the quilt

The 2016 dainty cupcakes on the party tree platter is from Cotton and Chocolate in Thousand Oaks California. This kit came with a pink background and I know my daughter doesn’t care much for pink so I changed it out for the light blue background. I had to cut out all of the pieces for this row but they did give all of the fabrics which made it easier to do and not have to buy them.

row by row experience pattern

The blue bird on the Flag row is from Bluebird Quilts and Gallery in Grand Terrance California. I have another cousin that visits her mom who used to live in Grand Terrance picked it up for me. I wasn’t sure I would use it but it seemed to fit with this quilt and my kids.

The row with the doghouses is from Maryland in Annapolis from Cottonseed Glory.  This store I have visited many times but did not get into it at the time I needed to in 2016. My son’s fiancé Charlotte picked it up for me when she had business in Annapolis. She sent me the two rows I needed from Maryland that year and she received one of them back on their Maryland Row by Row quilt.

I have more Rows to make so keep looking back at my posts to see what other Row by Row Experience quilts I am making to give to family! I make them for the family because they are fun to do and will all have a theme that fits that person or people they go to like all of my work does. Love is the connection that brings us together.

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