Falling Leaves Quilt

I purchased this beautiful quilt as a kit called Autumn Splendor, by Lennie Honcoop, from Keepsake Quilting. I don’t usually buy kits, but this one came with rhinestones, three Copic Ciao markers and fusible 1/8” ribbon. Who doesn’t like shiny stones? Besides, I had never used Copic Ciao permanent markers before and wanted to try something new. The markers were used to tone down the hot ribbon and make it blend more gently with the fall colors.

Before this piece I had not used my rhinestone tool often, but this piece changed that hesitation. I even bought more stones because I like the glittery look they provide, almost like dew. These rhinestones are heat-fused to the quilt after finishing all of the sewing, to help prevent your needles from breaking as you quilt. The kit came with precut fusible baked appliqué leaves that eliminated the tedious cutting out, which I would normally have to do myself.

The hot ribbon is fused on with an iron. I used my Clover mini iron to fuse it down. Using a traditional iron will most likely have you burning your fingers. The ribbon finishes off the edges and is easily sewn through, providing more depth and enrichment to embellish the quilt.

Falling Leaves Quilt 1



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