Kaden’s Baby Quilt

With the family doing the cross stitch squares I made this simple quilt for Josh and Lee’s first child Kaden. Using the fun I love Mommy and Daddy print to the strips around the blocks help to identify that it is a baby quilt. With all of the cross stitch quilts you have to decide what is the smallest and largest size of your x-stitch block are and make them all the same size. Using the strips on the sides and on the tops help you to make them all the same size if you have some variances that can happen with this style of quilt. You then add the sashing strips all going one direction then the long sashing strips going the other direction a boarder after that if you want one. I did this in the same color as the inner sashing. I used my sewing machine for the sewing and the quilting. Hand done cross stitch.

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