Laser Cut Fabric

Laser cutting is a very precise and accurate cutting method that uses computer controlled light instead of a blade to make the cuts. A laser can be used to cut a simple piece of fabric to a large piece of steel.

When I buy laser cut fabric it is for applique and backed with some form of heat bonding material. The applique piece(s) are cut in a particular shape for row by row or project like my Alaska quilt that needs a totem pole.

One of the reasons I buy the laser cut applique is the time I save in cutting the shapes with scissors. I first have to add some paper backed heat bonding material ie: Steam-A-Seam or Wonder Under than cut the shape I need for the project.

This Row from Northern Threads  in Alaska took much longer because I had to trace the reversed pattern onto the heat bonder paper than use my scissors to cut each element out.

Or like this wonderful water scene from Dover Sewing Center, Delaware . When we compare these rows to another one like this mermaid laser cut row from Roxanne’s A Wish and a Dream in Carpentaria CA . The time I saved not cutting all of those letters is huge.

Using either the laser cut applique or hand cut applique does not define what you do but it can help you with your time if they are available.

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