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Family quilt for J & L

My family likes to do cross stitch for marriages and births. These fun x-stitch squares are put into a woven ribbon quilt pattern and with the squares floating in the intersections of the ribbons. I used some of the same fabrics that were in Joshua and Lee’s queen size moon and sun piece but used […]

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Servitude: Jesus washing feet

Foot: Feet symbolize God’s presence and also virtues of believers, including humility, willing servitude and submission. The washing and anointing of feet is an act of devotion, humility and cleansing. Feet are also a symbol of life’s pilgrimage. In addition, foot and feet are also used to symbolize the evangelists, messengers of God’s good news.

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Easter Banner

I used Caryl Bryer Fallert’s method of making the main part of this piece. Her method makes a flat piece so I can add to it for my three dimensional parts with ease. The cross and sash are machine appliqued down but the sash is free to move around within the folds I put in […]

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Stitching Post: Organizing the Studio

Today was the start of my studio face lift. I have gotten it to such a point that there is no way to really work in it. I have many sewing projects that are finished and ready for Christmas but I still have to wrap them up. After that I will have to put them […]

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Stitching Post: Hand sewing Yoyos

November 3, 2015: Today was a day for hand sewing yoyos to get all of the right ones so I can make three “Yoyo Al” owls. I am making them for gifts and I thought that I had all of my different size circles made. When I sat down to finish up the last of […]

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Stitching Post: Pin Baste your quilts

November 2, 2015: Today I pin basted 5 small pieces. Using my curved safety pins and tool called “Kwik Klip”. This wonderful tool helps to keep your fingers from getting poked by your safety pins. You start with a piece of batting and backing fabric 1″ larger then top piece all the way around. I […]

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