Stitching Post: Hand sewing Yoyos

November 3, 2015:

Today was a day for hand sewing yoyos to get all of the right ones so I can make three “Yoyo Al” owls. I am making them for gifts and I thought that I had all of my different size circles made. When I sat down to finish up the last of them I decided to make sure I had the 26 that I needed for each of one. I had to cut some more circles in different sizes and colors to have enough of them.

The way you make a yoyo for a quilt or add as an accent to your piece start with a circle that is twice the size you want it to be after it is finished.  Thread your needle to make it a double thread and knot the end. With the wrong side of the fabric facing you fold over the right side of the fabric to the wrong a 1/4″. Weave your needle and thread in and out with an even hand stitch all the way around coming up on the right side of the fabric. Gather the circle up so there is a finished hole in the center. Take three small stitches in the same place on the right side of it to finish it off.

sewing by hand

Turn in 1/4″ and hand sew in even stitches going around the whole circle. The knot will be inside when finished.

Gathering the thread to make a yoyo.

Gathering the yoyo while you are sewing it will give you more thread to work with.

Needle up on the correct side of the fabric

Bring the needle up to the right side of the fabric.

Flannel finished yoyo

Finished flannel yoyo.

Fabric yoyos

Here are all of my fabirc yoyos for the 3 yoyo owls

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