Stitching Post: Pin Baste your quilts

November 2, 2015:

Today I pin basted 5 small pieces. Using my curved safety pins and tool called “Kwik Klip”. This wonderful tool helps to keep your fingers from getting poked by your safety pins.

You start with a piece of batting and backing fabric 1″ larger then top piece all the way around. I like to make even my biggest pieces into smaller sizes and use the quilt as you go method to attach the pieces together after I have quilted them. I can fit them under my sewing machine and not have the lag that can happen when you have a very large piece to quilt. Using this method of quilt as you go will also help you with the problems that can happen with your back because you don’t have to bend required in and keep the bulk from dragging that causes uneven stitches.

Once you have your quilts/art all pin basted you can now quilt them in a multitude of different design that fit your piece.

Pin basting and quilting.

A couple of fish table runners pin basted. Pattern is from Roxanne’s a Wish and a Dream in Carpinteria, California.

quilting pin basting

These are the 5 pieces all read to quilt or sew together.

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