You Lift Our Hearts to the World

This piece is called “You Lift Our Hearts to the World”.

This piece is all symbols of friendship. Sally was my daughter’s Girl Scout Leader.

Music: One of the favorite songs they sang was “Make New Friends” so we have the music that says that very thing. The song goes: Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and other is gold.

Gold and Silver Rings: These represent part of the song “Make New Friends”

Daisies: Daisy is the first level of Girl Scouts and Juliette Low’s nickname was Daisy. There are 11 daisies on this piece to represent each girl that was a Daisy from the start.

Friendship Stars & Friendship Squares: I picked these squares to show the friendship of each girl to one another. There are 14 of each representing each girl at that time in our troop.

Hearts: These hearts are to show how much each girl enjoyed having Sally as their leader with their own writing under each one.

Friendship Chain: The chain of squares I call friendship chain. On each square is a word about friends; wisdom, courage, love, inspiration, dream, friendship, trust, believe, laugh, patience, faith, hope, joy, forever, happy, create, and harmony.

World in Hand: The truth about our children is we all hold the world in our own hands, by leading these girls with warmth and caring; and the sleeve is a Girl Scout green representing a leader.


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