Strip Roll or Jelly Roll Quilt for Paul:

I started the quilt with a Patriotic Jelly Roll fabric for the foundation of the quilt. Paul was a wonderful man that died at 96 before I finished this quilt. It was two years before I could finish it and give it to the family. I put him up there as my second husband but really he was a very dear friend of mine who Bob enjoyed visiting with too. Jelly Rolls or Strip Rolls usually come in rolled packages of 40 strip 2 1/2” by the width of the fabric. I than added the other small pieces of fabrics that represented Paul in my thoughts. He loved Jesus, he was a father, loved people, had a PHD in theology and read a lot of books. His large family are wonderful people and all a family of Christ and as I learned from them it is not easy being a child of a pastor. Now his oldest son is a pastor too.

I used the other things he liked to do but making Christ the center of it all with the Alpha Omega and the chi-rho which is the biggest applique on the piece. If you want to find out more about the chi-rho you can go to this link .

Using the same yarn that I used to couch down the chi-rho and Alpha Omega I wrote the names of his five children with it.

One of the wonderful things about my Handi-Quilter Sweet Sixteen is the capability of quilting while you are couching at the same time.

I did this thread painting of a song sparrow but found that the sparrow disappeared when it was put onto the very busy background. Insert before I started bird here. When I started to make the sparrow I picked out all of the threads I would need to use by looking at the picture on fabric before I started thread painting it.

I liked this backing fabric so much I bought quite a few yards of it. Paul was always cold so I thought the he would enjoy this warm fuzzy backing.

This last picture is of Pastor Phil, receiving the quilt. He will share it with his family. This is one way to keep cozy in the winter time. When I gave it to him it was over 100 in Southern California! His dad probably would still need it because of the air conditioning!

I had fun coming up with a design that I thought everyone would enjoy for Reverend Paul and his family while making it functional. Until next time keep simply Sewing Art!

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