Sewing Room Organization Part 4

My sewing room is ready for me to work in! I kept finding more stuff in places that I didn’t remember I had put there or thought I had lost it. With this process I believe I found everything, the believe part is because I never know when I might find something else that I forgot about. I now have more room in my garage because my cousin came and picked up all of the things I want to donate. Carolyn has an organization near her that uses everything that is part of our sewing world even those small scraps are used for dog beds.

Through all of this I did my best to use things around my house I already owned. The big white cabinet was full of theme fabric and now is holding a good amount of my tools and other products I need to store but don’t want sitting out where everyone can see them. You know those items like my big box of beads and my other box of buttons. Or there is my fabric paints and my felting roving and tools to make it into felt.

Most of my theme fabrics went into my antique legal shelves. I am surprised how much I was willing to give away after all of this cleaning and clearing. I got to the point of it must go and more go. So I ended up with this pile of boxes and a bag of scraps ready to leave my home. I ended up giving at least 7 boxes of fabric away with some of them going to friends but the rest went to Carolyn. I did keep any three yards of fabric for my friend Jamie who works at a school that has students will make shirts.

With all of those boxes I donated or gave away I still have empty boxes that I will be using in the rest of my house or give them to others that need them more that I do.


Kaden my grandson was at my house for 5 days and helped me clean out some of my sewing room. When we were cleaning our folding chairs up that were in the garage he found a lunch box that was my sisters. He liked it so much I let him use it for the picnic on Friday. He actually took it home when he left that night. He also had a great time cleaning it in the sink.

Trying to make more space in my sewing room I decided that I needed to donate these black chairs along with some miscellaneous items. They took up the back of the van without taking out the back seats. Kaden also had a fabulous time helping to put stuff in the van. I found I had 12 folding chairs that take up much less room than these 10 wood chairs.


The only things I ended up buying was these small plastic boxes so the drawers would be more organized. Now my fabric pens and notions such as trims, zippers, lace clothes line and scissors. Without these handy little boxes it would make it much harder to see what I have in these thin drawers.

One of the fun side effects of cleaning and clearing out my sewing room was going to a fabric store to pick up a new Row by Row from The Sewing Arts Center in Santa Monica. I needed this 2017 Santa Monica Pier Row to help finish my brother Dana’s quilt. While there I found this beautiful fabric that I did NOT buy! I didn’t have a plan once I saw it so I had to take a picture to show you.

I was amazed that I didn’t buy it because I really liked it but I knew it would have to be put them in my sewing room someplace and I would also have another project to do. Now I have far less than I originally had so I do want to add to it unless I am getting paid for it.

When I was almost done with my cleaning and clearing I finished up these fast ornaments. They only took about an hour since I knew where everything was to make and finish them. They are now ready to give away this Christmas.

Ornaments pic.

I decided to mark my list with a heart to show I am finished with them. Insert Project and updated project 2017 list. With my original list I had all of the things I would give away and don’t want to make. With my new updated list I took off all of the items that I no longer have in my possession. I will keep updating the top 5 list as well.

So here it is my wonderful cleared and cleaned room all done! Cleaned pics. I found this cleaning and clearing project well worth the time and energy. I now know where everything is even though sometimes have to open multiple drawers to remember which one it is in. I know the cabinet it would be in. I don’t want to mark up my wood cabinets to find a notion or some kind of fabric pen so I will have to open up the drawers until I memorize where everything is. I still know which cabinet they are in that works for me. You will have to decide what works for you.

I have started on marking those hearts on my project list and I feel great about these accomplishments. I have put dates on my top 5 and I have made it on the owls add the link after the blog goes out and working on the Josh and Lee’s quilt. Now that I have started on my list I want to step it up and finish faster than I have listed on my project list. Keep on Simply Sewing Arts to see how I do.

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