Sewing Room Organization Part 2

This is part to of the Sewing Room Organization Series. Here it has been 2 weeks of going through my books and figuring out if I want them or out the door. This process has been enlightening like said before, but I also felt some remorse at letting go of my books from my youth. For much of my childhood and youth I read books and they became something like my friends. I let them go and feel more relaxed about it now but I did shed some tears at the time.

Part of the bookcases I had books on CD and the books that go with them. A lot of them were self-improvement style of books and while doing this I found some meditation CD’s. I had recently bought a new meditation CD thinking that I didn’t have any. I started laughing at myself because I found 20 CD’s on meditation! I asked my husband to remind me about them the next time I say that I need one. It still gives me a giggle just thinking about it.

Sewing room organization shelving

While going through the books I went into my first guest room and looked at the books there. Can I let go of some these too? Yes, I decided. There were a lot of children’s books in that room as well and brought them into the green guestroom to put them into the small bookcase. They only took up some of it, so what do I do with them? This is when I decided to let go of the majority of my childhood books. I kept some that were written by a cousin, who has now passed away and some that maybe my grandchildren would love to read later in their lives. I have found there are many books that come and stay for a while others leave soon afterwards. That does sound like some people relationships I know about.

Doing this helped me to release all three bookcases to leave my home. I decided to let go of the daybed as well. Space feels wonderful! Now here I am going to put a full size bed in this guest room. In all of this you’re trying to find the sewing room part of it I know. I found fabric and projects in all three rooms! I went to put something into the shed and found more fabric, patterns and more projects there. I remembered that I put some of the older projects in the garage and I will be getting them out of there and bring them into my space to clear them out or keep them.

sewing room organization garage stash

With the bookcases out I found a different problem, there are screw wall anchors all over the wall. The bookcases have been there for so long I don’t even remember what was needed for those big mounts. I don’t want to paint the room so what to do? I am laughing at myself again, I make wall art! What do I have around here that would look good in this room? Now I am excited. I have many quilts that I don’t have out because I don’t need them here in Southern California very much. This would be a place I can change the mood of the room with one of those quilts! I will have to decide if the color matters that much or not. I do have some wall sewing art, fun colored quilts and some antique quilts that were from my father’s side of the family.

Finished room with Mariner’s quilt

The sewing room organization, cleaning up and clearing out will probably be the most challenging part of my house but I know I can do it! I will be able to find my tools and know which project is coming up with all of the pieces to do it right where I need it. This has been a long time coming and worth the effort to do. How can I not take care of myself after taking care of mom and so many other people? You can take care of yourself to by doing this process of letting go. You don’t have to keep all of these things in your sewing room.

sewing room organzation stashed in a car trunk

Next time I will be talking about just the sewing room and how it all went with organization and cleaning. I will be talking about the things I re-purposed and the ones I have to buy. I will be making my project list and having my top 5 that I am going to be working on with a deadline. The deadline is to not let it slide again after they have been with me for a long time. Next time I will have many tips on sewing room organization and cleaning. Another thing I will be talking about is what to do with the UFO’s or Un Finished Objects which is my projects.

Until next time keep Simply Sewing Art!

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