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At First Presbyterian Church we invite people to follow Jesus Christ in a community where we EXALT god in Worship, EMBRACE one another in love, ENCOURAGE spiritual growth, and EQUIP every person for ministry in the church and world.

Dove: The dove is the primary symbol of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was present as a dove at the baptism of Christ. In the Old Testament, the dove, with an olive branch in its mouth, became a symbol of the peace God made with humankind in the story of Noah’s Ark. The dove also became a symbol of Man making peace with God when it was offered as a sacrifice, as depicted in scenes of the purification or Jesus’ presentation in the Temple. We use the Dove to symbolize the EXALTING of God through worship. We believe the presence of God through the Holy Spirit brings life to the worshipful hearts we bring as we gather for worship.

Heart: The heart is a symbol of love and devotion. According to Scripture, the heart is the inner person, the moral and spiritual center. As the heart is the center of the person, so the activity of love is the highest calling of a Christian. We use the heart to symbolize our EMBRACE of one another in the “New Commandment” given by our Lord to “love one another.

Fist: In the third century, Cyprian wrote, “It is in the water that we are reborn, in the likeness of Christ our Master, the Fish.” The fish became a common sign used by persecuted Christians to identify themselves as believers – a secret sign of faith. We use the fish to symbolize our desire to ENCOURAGE spiritual growth in one another. As Jesus made “fishers of people” out of the disciples (Christ followers), so we, as disciples, need to encourage one another’s spiritual growth. Greek word for fish “IXTHUS,” or in Greek letters “ixous,” which was adopted as a secret acronym for Christians. Hence, they used the symbol of the fish to identify themselves as Christians.

Feet: symbolize God’s presence and also virtues of believers, including humility, willing servitude and submission. In addition, foot and feet are also used to symbolize the evangelists, messengers of God’s good news. We use feet as symbols of moving out into the world. The church is as an institution, exists for those outside of its membership. We want to infect our community and the world with the love of Christ. It is our goal to EQUIP every person for ministry in the church and world.

Green: Green is a liturgical color symbolizing growth, fertility, life, and hope. It is the color commonly used (for vestments, stoles, and altar and pulpit cloths) on the Sundays following Epiphany and leading up to Lent, and then again after Pentecost.


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